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J-POD Compatiable with JUUL Anti Leakage Good Flavor 1.0ml/0.7ml/0.5ml and Ceramic Coil/Wick Coil optional

J-POD Compatiable with JUUL Anti Leakage Good Flavor 1.0ml/0.7ml/0.5ml and Ceramic Coil/Wick Coil optional

  • Model NO.: J-POD
  • FOB Price:US $ 0.55-0.69 / pieces
  • Min order:10 pieces
  • Accept Min order:Yes
  • Supply Ability:1000000 pieces / Week
  • Country of Origin:Shenzhen, GuangDong, China
  • Stock Time:3 Days

Empty Disposable Pod Closed system for CBD oil and Eliquid/Nic 

0.7ml and 1.0ml, cotton coil and ceramic coil, here four pod types for u to choose.

Regarding to Such small shape pod, it really need high R&D technology to ensure no oil leakage and good taste, that’s why JUUL company can capture the market quickly. With the 0.7ml prefilled eliquid pod style of the US super-large company JUUL company popular in North America and even more than half of the countries and regions on the planet, more and more consumers prefer to similar styles. The insightful traders noticed the huge market vacancies of the pod model. So they started looking for one similar pod style suitable for CBD/THC oil to Compatible with JUUL battery.  At the same time, many providers of eliquid are also looking for suitable empty pod type to increase the sales by putting pod filled their eliquid into a colorful retail box, trying occupy a market of its own. 
After countless researches and tests, Our engineers broke the core technical barriers, We have established an independent factory to produce pods, Superior supply capability! 100k pcs/day! Control below 5/1000 NPL ratio. always keep good quality. dont u want to test samples now?

Specification and features: 
1.    Empty pod capacity: 0.7ml/1.0ml
2.    Puff: 180 puffs to 200 puffs 
3.    Dimension: 30mm*16mm*7mm/32mm*16mm*7mm
4.    Pod Material: PCET 
5.    Coil: ceramic coil for THC/CBD oil, cotton coil for Eliquid/Nic 
6.    Cap color: common colors are available 
7.    Compatible with JUUL battery 
8.    Passed heavy metal teating 
9.    No leakage (Control below 5/1000)

Usage: as the video show 
1st step: U fill THC/CBD oil into CBD vape pod and Plug tight silicone plug and cap tip. 
2nd step: Invert the body for 1-3 minutes to check for oil leaks. 
3rd step: pu pod in the corresponding card slot of the battery and heating. 
4th step: Slow inhales, no vape at the 1st puff ,big vapor from the 2nd puffs. 
Total puffs: 180puffs to 200 puffs, Based on the amount of single inhalation per user.

Supply situation:
Sample stage: 10 pcs, shipped in 1 day 
First order: from 1000 pcs to 10,000 pcs, shipped in 3-5 days 
Bulk order: from 10.000 pcs to 100,000 pcs, shipped in 5-8 days 
Stable order: beyond 100.000 pcs, Set leading time according to the actual situation

Trust me! Our company own two factories, one main produce CBD cart 50k pcs per day, another main produce pod system 100k pcs per day, abundant CBD vape devices can help u meet Different types of customer demand. 10 pcs samples are worth to start one new business cooporation and potential stable supply chain.

  • Brand Name:ReyMont
  • Model Number:J-pod
  • Resistance(Ω):1.6ohm
  • Oil Storage Capacity(ml):0.5ml, 0.7ml, 1.0ml
  • Material:PCTG
  • weight:0.01kg
  • size:5.5mm*13.5mm
  • Color:Transparent
  • Place of Origin:Shenzhen, GuangDong, China