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BeeBox Compatiable with JUUL POD preheat battery indicate 450mah include 2 ceramic coil pod

BeeBox Compatiable with JUUL POD preheat battery indicate 450mah include 2 ceramic coil pod

  • Model NO.: BeeBox
  • FOB Price:US $ 7.99-9.99 / sets
  • Min order:10 sets
  • Accept Min order:Yes
  • Supply Ability:10000 sets / Week
  • Country of Origin:Shenzhen, GuangDong, China
  • Stock Time:3 Days

Beebox is developed by ourselves, it spend 3 month. This is box mod vape pen, small and easy carry. Smooth touch is like stroking pebbles. Unlike other box mod vape, it has colorful colors and a unique look. We don't be the public, we just do ourselves. Stand out from crowd? Start from Here!

The advantage of Beebox:
Beebox has two types pod. One is fit for Nic oil, the on is fit for CBD oil. So you can choose one product but you have two types product. Variable Voltage, you can change the voltage according to the actual situation. Preheat, this is the best function, can product the smoke quickly.  Juul don’t have this function, so do you want to try? Finally, the battery indicate is also a good function, when the battery is running low, its light will flash to remind you that it should be charged.

Parameter of Beebox:
Variable Voltage: 3.2V-4.2V 
Red Led: 3.2-3.6V 
Blue Led: 3.6-3.9V 
Green Led: 3.9-4.2V 

Battery Indicates: 
70%+: 4 Led shinning 
20%+: 3 Led shinning 
20%-: 1 Led shinning 

Preheating:2 presses to preheat
Battery Capacity:500mah 

1. 2.5 seconds continuous pressing 5 times, open/lock key, 4 white lights flashes 5 times
2. Connected to the charges,4 red lights,charging current about 500mAh
3. Red lights, you can smoke when you charge,and turn it off when you smoke
4. Battery full, 4 red lights out
5. Pressing 2 times continuously, start preheating output. Current voltage swicth lamp 4 lights flicker quickly, preheat voltage 2.2v. Duration 15 seconds, then enter power saving mode. During preheating, you can stop preheating by pressing buttons at any time.

We have a Introduction manual, there are detailed introduction about the battery and voltage.

Quality assurance period: 6 month. During this period, we will help you repair the product. However, we are not responsible for any damage caused by intentional damage or improper use.

Shipping information: Sample order, we can shipping within 3 days. If you need do OEM or big order, we will give you a plan of produce. Generally speaking, 15 days can finish all things.

Trending:Small vape pen is a trending product in the future.The Beebox has many advantages and better than many vape pens in the market. Our main market is USA and CA, we have ability to seize the newest products. Besides, we have a research and development team. So we are updating the products each month. Now the Second generation Beebox will be come out. If you want to build up your own brand, we can be strong partner. Accurately capture market opportunities and independent research and development capabilities,we are your best choice.

  • Brand Name:REYMONT
  • Model Number:BeeBox
  • Battery Capacity(mAh):450 mah
  • Resistance(Ω):1.6 ohm
  • Power(W):6-18W
  • Oil Storage Capacity(ml):0.5ml/ 0.7ml/ 1.0ml
  • Built-in Or External Battery:Built-in
  • Material:Alloy
  • weight:0.12kg
  • size:45*48*11.5mm
  • Color:Dark Gray,Red,VIOLET,Black,Light Blue,Orange
  • Place of Origin:Shenzhen, GuangDong, China