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I am Vicky Woo, CEO of Reymont Technology. One travelling experience that deeply influence on me, When I visited one German client in August 2019, who has been working with us since 2013, bought several shipments of shisha pens. Below are the short conversation between him(let us call him “A”) and me.

A:We still have some stocks in the warehouse, you know, Vicky. 
V:  Why?
A:  Because the device was leaking
V:  We did very strict quality control and testings, how come Leaking?
A:  No Idea, but it is true, you know how big Loss for me?
V:  How much?
A:  3000$+, It is small money but when I first started this business, it is all my saving.

After heard his description, I kept in silent. Which Deeply impressed me. Clients whoever bigger or smaller. Once he chooses our company and place the order, that are the trusts and supports for us. Behind him maybe he has lovely family need to be supported or need to support parents. or he is ambitious and passion with this business. But if the vendor can’t supply stable product or service to him, that maybe a disaster for him.

Learnt that logistic, I requested our team, whichever client is, we must concern our quality and service, which is the utmost importance. After that, for a new product, the designing, the oil customization, the technique, or finishing, all are strictly controlled by my team and myself personally. Ensure each single pc delivered to clients, all are qualified.

And we have a plan called “10000 Reviews”, we collect all clients who give us positive feedbacks in a PDF file, As long it is done, means 10000 clients are satisfied with us. 

And From 2019 till 2022, our turnover is growing as 5-10times every year. we support many clients’ brands from 10K pcs to tens thousands of pcs, and even one client growing from 50K pcs till 7-8millions pcs monthly within 1 year. 

Responsible, Passion, Efficiency, Professionalization, Win-Win are the values of our team. Choose Us, You Won’t Be regretful. We Promise! 


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