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Who Am I?

Where am I from?

Where am I going?

Always 3 questions are confusing human being, are you? After some Social&Career experiences these years, I GOT MY ANSWERS Gradually.

First, Who Am I ? I am just a ordinary person, without IQ 130 or 140, just graduated from university, no special talent skills.

Second, Where am I from? I am also from a ordinary family, not was born in rich family or official family.

Third, where am I going? As an ordinary birth, but I hope I can have a unique and a different lifetime. And also can help others succeed. Like our company logo: RMT, Square-shape design, means our person & our team being integrity dealing with others, and the manner of doing business.

Fire symbol stands for a PASSION & OPTIMISTIC & WARM HEART, we will be always full of P&O on our business, Job and also our own life, like the burning fire, so we are a team of dream chasers, clear mind and targets. Therefore, our product names are also full of blessed wishes, such as Melody Pod pen, Miracle Disposable Pod and Lucky Bamboo vaporizer etc.

We wish we always can transmit to other persons with hope, positive energy and also warmth. Through “one foundation”, a social charity organization, which was established by famous star Jet Lee, we have been offering the funds and food, clothing etc to some poor areas several years. We wish we could bring the warmth and love to someone in need and we are also volunteers.

In one word, Our product, our team are transmitting a more healthier, more green life to the world, and also an ACTIVE & POSITIVE Spirit of lifetime, we are expecting your guys can join in with us and make the world more beautiful. We are expecting win-win, mutual benefit and grow together.

Let us connect and make magic Miracle….

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